Experience Design is expanding its Digital EX Platforms for the Employee Experience Journey. To support customers and the journey for better EX we are welcoming 4me as a new platform to help customers ensure better Employee Service Management across all business support functions.

We see an increasing demand for Digital Platforms to realise and manage the challenges and gaps we see when the digital capabilities needs to be improved as part of the EX journey. With 4me we can offer a platform that has the architecture and simplicity we would like to offer our customers” says Lasse Wilen, Partner at Experience Design.

Jan Brøndum, Business Development Director at 4me welcomes Experience Design as a partner in the 4me community.  Jan Brøndum says: “Over the past ten years the IT Service Management space has been transformed in most enterprises and large organizations. Companies transformed to have more process rigor in their IT operation to enable a much faster pace of change to better meet rapid changing business demands. They exposed service catalogs to their end users, providing real self-service for employees. First line support personnel were equipped with insights and structured knowledge to minimize use of highly specialized and expensive second- and third-line staff.  This transformation was enabled by a massive leap forward on the technology side by first-generation cloud technology.
But companies want to do more. They want to take all the success from IT and apply the same productivity gain on other back office functions like HR, finance, facilities, legal, security etc. in a cost-effective transformation. Also, they ask to have better insights and control with all their outsourced services and service providers.”

Jan Brøndum continues: “All this is raising the bar and sets new requirements to the technology supporting the new transformation – often referred to as Enterprise Service Management in a SIAM (Service Integration and Management) context. Companies typically find that the first-generation cloud technology has become a limiting technology. The first-generation cloud technology is highly customized and expensive to operate and maintain. Companies struggle to keep up with new releases which they are forced to spend time and effort on upgrading to. The cost and complexity of the solutions hinders the companies to take the technology into other back-office functions and unlock the productivity gains they are looking for.
Therefore we see a huge demand for a new generation of cloud technology supporting this new reality. 4me is the next generation Enterprise Service Management cloud technology that fundamentally changes the way services are offered and consumed for all back-office functions. By design it gives the transparency and control of outsourcing relationships that enterprises are asking for at a dramatically lower cost.

4me is growing rapidly and expanding its business in Nordics and we welcome Experience Design in our partner community. Experience Design is dedicated to help enterprises with the new transformation and they carry many years of industry experience in the Enterprise Service Management space. This is exactly the type of partner company we are looking for as they understand the new demands in today’s business environment” 

For more information about the 4me platform please contact Lasse Wilen: lw@exd.dk, +45 61 78 29 89

For more detailed information about the 4me platform please see: