Is your company prepared to handle the challenges of the great resignation? Here are three key elements to consider

In 2022, workers are leaving companies faster than you can replace them. People are particularly fleeing companies that don’t align with their values, that don’t appreciate them and that don’t prioritize good End User Experience for their employees (EX).

Today, companies are recognizing that there is more to employee satisfaction than just salary and benefits, so how do you get it right? Start by having a look at these three pillars of EX (source: McKinsey & Company).

1. Social Experience:
Employees today want to be seen and treated as a significant contributor to the organization, and they want to be able to feel like they belong in the teams that they work in. Care and trust amongst colleagues is important to create a collaborate and innovative environment. To facilitate this at the workplace, it is key to promote diversity and inclusivity by watching employees interact and rewarding inclusive behaviors. Managers should receive diversity training and measures should be taken to mitigate hostile interactions in the workplace.

2. Work Experience:I
It is a well known fact that most employees prefer to have clear responsibilities, interesting work and an opportunity to grow within a company. But today, and especially since Covid19, people are expecting more from their employers. They have gotten used to having more control over their work and how it integrates with their privates lifes, and they don’t want to give up this flexibility. For this reason, employers should consider how they are facilitating a flexible, digital workspace and whether they have the technology that supports remote work. Because if all other factors align, the companies that do this, will usually win the battle.

3. Organization Experience:
Employees today are more vocal about the benefits they expect from their employer. Aside from salary, health insurance and paid vacation, this will usually also concern the EX – and the collective experience for an employees journey within the company. Therefore, HR and IT should be joining forces to collect data on user experiences, and use this information to create the most desirable user experience from start to finish.

Why EX?
Research shows, that people who report having a positive employee experience have 16 times the engagement level of employees with a negative experience, and that they are eight times more likely to want to stay at a company (source: McKinsey Employee Experience survey, 2020.). Therefore, if your company is not already focusing on the user experience you are creating for your employees, now is the time to start.

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