As a start up we make short and simple decisions based on the analogy “If it makes sense, we will do it”. This gives our employees the freedom and creativity they need to be curious, to be successful and to provide great value and results. We believe in flexibility and we are not focused on when and where you do your work as long as we are able to deliver great value and results together.
We are primary looking for people with, great character, a positive mindset and an ambition to create a change with the work they do. This means we all share the purpose and value in changing the experience for employees with modern technology.
It’s important to us that our focus, values and behaviors creates an environment where our employees and customers can shine and be a success.
The core of our mindset is to create the foundation for our customers and employees to be rock stars and for them to look good in whatever role they play. We have defined our focus and values we believe should be the core of what it means to work with Experience Design.


Our engagement focus and core values defines where we use our attention and how we would like to engage with our customers and employees. We wish to be a company of skilled professionals working together to solve problems and deliver results.


 We would like our employees to become great characters in helping others achieve their goals. In doing this we want to shape an environment where there is room for curiosity, brave initiatives and room for mistakes. The reason we are looking for great attitude in people is that we believe skills can be trained whereas your character is fundamental for how you think and act.

 We very much like to train and guide our employees skills where their dreams and ambitions will lead them.


 When we engage with our customers we make an effort to understand the business values, goals and ambitions for the initiatives we help realize. We are focused on building long and lasting relationships where trust and results makes the customers request us to come back and realize more initiatives in the future.

 Our core rule of engagement is to make sure the initiatives are realized before we leave. For the customers and employees we are engaging with, we make an effort to ensure they look good and are comfortable in the roles and initiatives introduced.


When we take a look at our core values we have defined them to ensure we have a shared foundation for how we think and act when we collaborate with each other and with our customers. The values helps us drive our behavior and attitude to build the core of our company culture.



 When we say we like to be optimistic and honest, it means that we want to be authentic, realistic and positive in the way we engage with people. This value focus also includes that we strive to give authentic appreciation when we experience situations where it’s important to share this with colleagues and customers.

 The basic principle of this value focus is to care for each other, making sure all feel appreciated and valued.


 To us, the integrity and trust values are making sure that all feel included and that we can trust each other.

 The key behaviors to bring the values to life is focused on keeping our agreements and making sure we rightfully include and update the people we work with. The values makes sure we are able build strong and lasting relationships because we involve and trust each other.


 When we work with our colleagues and customers we find it important to find shared interest, excitement and 100% commitment to solve the problems we are facing together.

 The transparency should clarify roles, authority and insight around the work we do. Commitment is shown from the energy, curiosity and joy we experience when we explore great solutions together. The commitment and transparency helps us find the excitement in the work we do together.


We very much like to attract and retain great talent and we therefore make a great effort to understand the dreams, humility, ambitions and character when we hire people. We therefore highly recommend that you use a bit of time to think about the following questions…


What was the greatest opportunity you have experienced?

What are the moments when you forget time and space?

What situations makes you excited and curious?

What memories makes you feel proud and optimistic?

What kind of technology do you find easy, smart and interesting?

What kind of problems would you like to solve?


If you want to read more about our open positions see: Our open positions

It you are interested to know more about the talent profiles we are looking for see: Would you like to work with us?

If you have any questions please send us an email:


We have chosen to be in the middle of the Copenhagen central area to be inspired by the vibe of the city pulse.

Our office is located in an entrepreneur community with a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Linnésgade 25, 1361 Copenhagen

+45 2025 0333 

CVR: 41994274

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