The war for talent

During the last ten years the focus on talent attraction, retention and mobility has climbed up the CEO list of concerns and is now considered one of the top priorities. In a Gartner survey from 2020 talent shortage and mobility has been moved to the top risk to be managed. A fast emerging trend is the management of employee in a hybrid environment where a mobile and flexible workforce is becoming an increasing competitive advantage Gartner. A hybrid workforce will require a new focus on how each company is able to balance what we call the employee context with the opportunities given by the Digital Context (Digital Transformation). As we see companies being able to implement and operate a hybrid workforce model the competition for talent is no longer based on geographical constraints but will be a “war” for the best talent worldwide. In such a competition the companies will have to fight battles on two sides:

1.       How do we attract talent by efficient searching and smooth on-boarding?

2.       How do we retain talent by the best possible employee experience?

A study from McKinsey revealed that talent management is a concern that should require focus. The headline of the research says “The best workers do the best and the most work. But many companies do an awful job of finding and keeping them.”
The study shows that talented people has a 800% higher performance when activities are related to very complex work. From the high performance number you should think companies would have more focus on talent management but the study tells that 82% of the companies do not believe they are attracting the right talent and if they do only 7% believe they can retain them.

The trend from the most respected research companies in the world seems to be; Focus on Employee Experience is a must if you want to compete in the future. 

Employee Experience:
“Customer is King” holds a lot of value, in the sense, that without a solid revenue from your customers, your business will cease to exist. One of the ways to keep your customers loyal, is to provide them with a great buying experience, and easy to use channels, if they need your attention. For this reason, customer facing technologies have been optimized widely, but what about your own employees?

Do you provide the same level of experience, when they work with the business support systems?

At LPC Consulting, we help our customers, to provide great Employee Experience. We do that, by simplifying internal workflows, and provide well designed UX solutions, for employees, when they need help and support.

We believe you should give your employees the same experience, when they contact HR about maternity leave or Finance about expenses as they get, when they order a book from Amazon. It should be easy to access, use and complete.

Employees who fulfill business support activities, should not struggle with technology, complex process and poor flows of information. Technology should support you in the work you do and, ensure value for your fellow employees.

“Happy employees are effective and loyal employees, and much easier to keep.“