Empowering the Service Experience: Unveiling Our Story

Embark on a journey with Experience Design, a blend of IT professionals, design enthusiasts, process developers, management consultants, and digital advisors. Founded in 2021 by industry visionaries Peter and Lasse to focus on what matters: The Service Experience. Our dynamic team is committed to reshape the landscape of Service Experience.


We enable a great Service Experience

At Experience Design, we envision a paradigm shift in how technology influences the corporate landscape. While businesses traditionally focus on enhancing Customer Experience (CX), our vision also extends to harnessing the untapped potential technology brings to Employee Experience (EX). We believe that technology should empower, not hinder, the daily work experience. Happy employees are the cornerstone of organizational success, creating a ripple effect of high-quality service and satisfied customers.

Our mission is to elevate the Customer & Employee Experience through seamless collaboration among the required business functions. Using value streams and modern digital platforms, we craft efficient, mobile-centric solutions, driving tangible value for your workforce and customers.


We remove service friction with great Design and Mobility

Meet our team

Jan Brøndum

Advisor & Partner

Responsible for customer enaggement & sales.

José Francisco Sesé

UX/UI & Digital Specialist

Responsible for service portals, UI, solution development and support.

Max Peter Lundstrøm

Digital Specialist

Responsible for solution development and support.

Markus Hoffman Lund

Digital Specialist

Responsible for solution development and support.

Lasse Koch

Digital Advisor & Partner

Responsible for solution advisory & customer engagement.

Peter Ravnholt

Service Management Advisor & Partner

Responsible for service management advisory/training & customer engagement.