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At Experience Design, we understand that a seamless and effective service experience involves more than individual initiatives; it's about the end-to-end journey. Our approach is inspired by Porter's model, recognizing the interconnectedness of primary and supporting activities. We strive to make your customers and employees not just effective but also happy, transcending departmental silos to deliver world-class products and services right within the digital service experience.

Service Experience clarification

In the realm of Enterprise Service Management, or as we call it, Employee Service Management, we focus on the delivery of tangible, intangible, or combined products that enrich your work life. From salary inquiries to acquiring a new laptop, seeking assistance in hiring or helping a customer, our solutions aim to streamline the entire interaction or friction points before, during, and after product delivery.

Our Solution Offerings

Digital Platforms

For a remarkable Service Experience, a robust Digital Platform is indispensable. Our solutions span Digital Platform Selection & Justification, Utilization & Value, Roadmaps, Governance, and Reports & Dashboards, creating a foundation to define, build, and operate digital products supporting EX.


To drive digital products for EX successfully, experience and capabilities are crucial. Our solutions encompass Process Manager/Owner for a Digital Practice, Digital Platform Specialists, Delivery Model for Digital Products, Prototyping, MVP (Minimal Viable Product), and Operating Model Concepts (Digital Value Sprint).


Establishing a good Service Experience involves simplifying data, activities, and approvals. Our practical solutions include Asset Data Collection & Maintenance, Data Management, Process Simplification, Process Mapping, Vendor Engagement & Automation, ensuring a streamlined flow of information.


Innovation is at the core of progress. Our solutions for digital innovation in EX focus on Identifying and Sharing Ideas, Planning and Prioritizing through the Innovation Horizon, Tracking progress, and Realization & Improvement.

Our Collaborative Journey

Transforming Visions into Reality

Embark on a collaborative journey with EXD (Experience Design), where we transform your vision into a digital reality. From framing value propositions to embracing digital adoption, our seamless process ensures innovation and collaboration. Let us shape the future together. 

Unified Service Management (USM)

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, effective management of service delivery is crucial for organizations across industries. Whether it is IT (Information Technology) services, customer support, or facility management, the ability to deliver high-quality services efficiently can make or break a business.
At its core, USM is a universal methodological approach to managing service delivery. It provides organizations with a simple standardized management system to effectively oversee their people, resources, processes, and services. By explicitly defining a service management architecture, USM establishes a set of rules and guidelines for organizing and governing a service organization. This architecture serves as the foundation for building a successful service organization, allowing for local adaptations while maintaining consistency in decision-making and service delivery.
By adopting a simple standardized management system, organizations gain control over their processes, tools, and services, leading to increased quality, efficiency, and productivity as a business outcome.
USM provides a clear and simple method for managing services, allowing organizations to deliver consistent and high-quality service experiences for employees and customers.
For more information about USM - USM Portal -The unified management system for all service providers - USM Portal (usm-portal.com)

At Experience Design, we redefine workplace experiences with innovative solutions. Our Digital Platforms, 4me and Autom Mate, are the pillars of this transformation.

Explore the power of 4me in streamlining service management and discover how Autom Mate boosts productivity and efficiency. Step into the future of workplace optimization.
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