Revolutionize Service Management with 4me

Step into the future of Employee Service Management with 4me, a next-generation platform that transcends traditional boundaries. In a world where collaboration is key, 4me seamlessly connects an organization's business support functions and external service providers, fostering a holistic approach to Service Integration and Management (SIAM).
At the core of 4me's innovation is the dismantling of 'silos of excellence.' Here, each business support function typically operates within its defined practices, data storage, and systems for individual employee products and services. 4me breaks down these barriers, creating a unified structure that not only encourages collaboration but also enhances efficiency and data security simultaneously.
4me introduces a groundbreaking principle, encapsulating confidential data for each business support function within a shared activity and data structure. This approach ensures data safety while fostering collaboration. The same data is intelligently reused across functions, reducing the need for extensive integrations and data maintenance. 4me brings a new level of efficiency to the way employees request products and services.
The innovative activity and data structure implemented by 4me simplifies the process of requesting products and services for employees. This results in a high-quality flow of information across business support functions and their suppliers. 4me not only streamlines requests but also elevates the overall flow of information, ensuring optimal service delivery.

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The Versatile 4me Platform

The 4me platform redefines service accessibility, catering to the evolving demands of a mobile workforce. With a dedicated app for employees and managers, 4me empowers users to seamlessly search, submit requests, manage approvals, stay updated, and access valuable insights and knowledge for products and services – all while on the move. This dynamic capability positions 4me as a cornerstone in supporting the future hybrid workplace. The 4me App, coupled with the self-service portal, consolidates interactions into a single point of contact for employees, fostering a frictionless and enriching Employee Experience.

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Embracing SIAM for Seamless Service Collaboration

SIAM, or Service Integration and Management, represents a paradigm shift in managing end-to-end collaboration between internal and external service providers within an organization. As businesses adopt increasingly complex and specialized outsourcing models, the demand for comprehensive insight and control across the entire value chain becomes paramount.
4me stands out as one of the pioneers, embedding the SIAM concept into its architecture and operating model.

This integration enables organizations to effectively measure and control the quality of products and services end-to-end, mitigating the risk of quality breaches and unmet expectations. With 4me, providers can efficiently service multiple customers from a single service management application.

What Sets 4me Apart

Discover the unique advantages that set 4me apart in the realm of service management. Our platform is designed to optimize and enhance the way your organization handles IT and Enterprise Service Management, delivering unparalleled efficiency and value. Here are the key differentiators that make 4me the ultimate choice for your business:
Architecture & Trust
4me's multi-tenant architecture ensures high reliability and data security, providing a trusted foundation for your service management needs.
Service Centric Framework
Our framework streamlines service delivery, enhancing collaboration between internal and external providers for improved service quality.
Standardisation & Extendability All-in-One
4me offers both standardization and customization, enabling you to standardize processes while tailoring capabilities to your specific needs.
Automatic Weekly Upgrades
Benefit from 4me's automatic weekly upgrades, keeping your service management system up-to-date with the latest features without disruptions.
Visible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
4me provides transparent insights into the total cost of ownership, allowing for better cost management and investment optimization.

The 4me Advantages



Why choose 4me? Because it embodies the simplicity, capability, and responsiveness demanded by a modern cloud-based service management platform. 4me caters to the contemporary need for flexible work and on-the-go insights, providing a simple and intuitive experience that delivers ample functionality and information, regardless of location or time.


In response to the lessons learned from complex functionality and license models, 4me takes a different approach. The platform introduces a straightforward and cost-effective functionality and license model, akin to a car wash structure. This clarity ensures transparency in what each plan offers, allowing seamless expansion and adjustment as your organization grows in maturity and size.


For Service Agents immersed in daily structuring and insight-driven work, 4me prioritizes simplicity. The interface and available information are designed to be intuitive, minimizing the need for excessive scrolling.


Last but certainly not least, 4me revolutionizes data sharing and segregation among collaborating parties. What is often a nightmare of integrations and maintenance becomes a streamlined and innovative process within the 4me platform.

Elevate Your Service Management Experience with 4me

Easy Implementation, Advanced Automation, and Complete Enterprise Readiness
Swift Implementation

Unlock a seamless and rapid implementation with 4me. Our projects are known for their brevity and hassle-free execution.

Holistic Service Management

Elevate your service portal with 4me, covering ITSM, ESM, and SIAM. Scale effortlessly to an enterprise-wide service platform.

Automatic Maintenance

Enjoy maintenance-free operations on 4me's multi-tenant platform. Centralized updates and features roll out effortlessly.

Complete ITSM Suite

Access core ITSM features by default with 4me. From self-service to virtual agents and robust incident management, it's all inclusive.

Speedy, Reliable Cloud Deployment

Experience consistent, high-speed performance through 4me's cloud deployment. Enjoy zero downtime for reliable service access.

Built-In Security Measures

Rest assured with built-in security on AWS cloud, ensuring data integrity and protection against breaches.

Streamlined Service Procurement

Discover the simplicity of our WebShop on 4me. Easily procure services and access resources with a user-friendly interface. Simplify service procurement for enhanced productivity.

Free Expansion Features

Unlock a seamless and rapid implementation with 4me. Our projects are known for their brevity and hassle-free execution.

Real-Time KPI Monitoring

Monitor KPIs in real-time using the intuitive dashboard. Enhance performance tracking for improved service levels and cost management.

Cost-Free Updates

Unlock a seamless and rapid implementation with 4me. Our projects are known for their brevity and hassle-free execution.

Low Code and Out-of-the-Box Capabilities

Leverage the power of low-code development and out-of-the-box features to customize and extend your service management solutions effortlessly.

Cloud-Based Delivery

Enjoy the benefits of cloud-based delivery, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and reliability for your service management needs.

AI-Led Automation

Harness the power of artificial intelligence throughout the platform, automating repetitive tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Service-Centric Approach

Embrace a service-centric approach to ITSM and ESM, focusing on delivering value to end-users and aligning services with business objectives.

Integrated Knowledge Base

Access a comprehensive knowledge base seamlessly integrated into the platform, empowering users with relevant information and insights.

SaaS, Multi-Tenant Architecture

Benefit from a SaaS, multi-tenant architecture, providing a secure and scalable environment for your service management operations.

Enterprise-Ready Certification

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, with enterprise-ready certifications including ITIL competencies, SOC2, and ISO certifications.

Expanded Functionality

Extend the functionality of 4me beyond ITSM, with comprehensive ESM capabilities for HR, Finance, Marketing, and IT services.

Post-Sales Support

Receive dedicated post-sales support, including certifications, ongoing support, and services to optimize your service management journey.

Global Partner Network

Access a global partner network spanning various verticals, providing expertise and support for your service management initiatives.

Optimize Service Performance and Value

Elevated Service Valuation

Keeping tabs on the value each service brings is a pivotal aspect, and 4me simplifies this tracking process.

Insightful Command Center

Navigate through 4me's intuitive dashboard, a centralized hub providing comprehensive insights into every facet of your services.

Harmony Between Finance and IT

4me establishes a unified narrative, harmonizing the dialogue between finance and IT, ensuring a shared understanding of objectives.

Streamlined Collaboration Beyond Boundaries

With 4me's innovative architecture, collaboration extends effortlessly beyond organizational borders, fostering seamless data exchange and partnership.

Experience 4me in Action

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